O4Studio was established in 2012 as a small software development company with primary focus on mobile and browser based games & applications. It includes the most popular platforms such as Android, Blackberry, tablets and flash. Simplicity of the idea is key essence of our application and games.
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New Arrivals
Baby Mail - Games
Baby Mail
Category: Games
Baby Mail is a simple bird game; you have to carry a baby without colliding with enemy birds, because they will decrease your power. You need all the powers in the world to protect a baby. Basic concept of beta version is gain highest score.
A Milk Man - Games
A Milk Man
Category: Games
Milk Man is rural cultural strategy and fun game. His ocupation is selling dairy producs. he owns few cattles that help in gattering milk which is sold in market at good price.
Hurt Locker - Games
Hurt Locker
Category: Games
HurtLocker is an action-puzzle game about the current situation of Pakistan. Terrorist has planted serveral bombs in different locations of Lahore which is capital city of Pakistan. Capton Usman is highly trained member of anti teroorism and anit bomb disposal squad.
Duddoo - Games
Category: Games
This fun game is about a Duddoo (a backbiting frog).

He always sneak around people who are having general gossip, but the real motive is to find any backbiting against someone. Once he heard any backbiting he needs to find that person and tell him the details, if he can't find that person in time he will explode. So you need to hurry and Help our Duddoo to deliver this information before it's too late.
My Computer - Apps
My Computer
Category: Apps
My Computer is a simple file explorer, look and feel is made as windows my computer